Hey, I'm Shane.

Here's a bunch of stuff I've made.

I'm an artist, designer, and musician living in Oakland, California. Want to know more, work together, or just grab a beer? Hit me up.

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Sample of final poster designs
Map 3.jpg
Zone ID.jpg
Design of hand-painted wall mural in secure bike storage
Adobe SF 02.jpg
Adobe SF 03.jpg
First hand-made prototype
Map 1.jpg
Poster 01.jpg
Production 02.JPG
Design, fabrication and install of an athletics office branded installation
Production 03.jpg
SEGD Mobile Guide.gif
Final Billboards 02.jpg
Final Billboards 03.jpg
Blade Sign.jpg
Signage sample
Design of wall mural in a tech workplace
Design, fabrication and installation of athletics facility signage
Inspiration for cafe branding & signage: the historic Baker & Hamilton sign atop the building
Adobe SF 04.jpg
Design of a series of hand-painted structural columns throughout workplace
Column 02.jpg
Adobe SF 05.jpg
Adobe Interactive Menu.gif
Adobe Menus 01
Adobe Menus 02.jpg
Bike 02.jpg
Column 03.jpg
Poster 02.jpg
Design of wall mural in tech support office
Branded interior at KPBS headquarters in San Diego, CA
Design, fabrication and installation of the "Life & Times" exhibit in the SDSU Alumni Center
Lakeside Brewing
TIMF Logo.jpg
We Are All Creative 02.jpg